Create Your Own
Shopify Store

Designed for you, the somewhat tech-savvy person, who knows they can build
their own site with the right steps and guidance!

Congrats, Entrepreneur!

You’ve started your business, now you’re ready to build a platform so you can launch your next big idea, subscription box, or online store!

Now what?

What is Shopify? How do you spell “Klaviyo”? What is CRM? How do you make a landing page?

I’ve got you!

It’s time to learn EVERYTHING I know about building an online store in Shopify. Take control of your business, use the resources I’m giving you, and confidently create your own website that you can sustain and manage yourself!

Hi, I’m Nicole, and I am a graphic designer, subscription box business owner, e-commerce store owner, and Shopify expert. I’ve been creating Shopify e-commerce stores for 8+ years, and now I teach others how to do the same. My course is going to save you HUNDREDS of hours of research and trial-and-error, and IMMEDIATELY get you pointed in the right direction, so you can focus on more important things- like launching your business and generating revenue!

Make it happen

Imagine what it'd be like to:

  • Know exactly what to do from step 1 to LAUNCH
  • Save hundreds of hours (…months) building a store from scratch
  • Have guidance and mentorship while you create your online store
  • Obtain resources that are already BUILT for you to use
  • Gain knowledge of Shopify and Klaviyo so you can successfully market your brand to your customers
  • Not lose a wink of sleep because you’re stressed about tech and can’t figure it out!

It’s possible. And I’m going to help you do it.

Enrollment is now open

Space is limited to only a few people this time around.

Is this course right for you?

This course is for entrepreneurs who:

  • already have basic computer/internet skills
  • can work independently
  • understand that they need to put in the WORK to benefit the REWARDS
  • have grit, determination and positivity!
  • have an existing business, bank account, and branding
  • have the understanding that creating a website is not the finish line, but rather the start to a marathon… your business will always continue to evolve after launch!

This is not a skills training course, rather a course to teach you how to successfully build and maintain your e-commerce store on Shopify and Klaviyo. You must have basic computer/internet skills already to flourish here.

If this sounds like you, sign up now.

Here’s what you get with Shopify Simplified

(a $4,300 Value)

When you enroll in Shopify Simplified, you’ll join like-minded, entrepreneurial-spirited business owners and build your own website. You will get…

A 100% online training program. Pre-recorded modules, with lessons that walk you through step-by-step how to build and maintain an e-commerce store on Shopify.

BONUS #1: 2, Monthly Live Q & As ($400 value)
Tune-in live, once a month, with myself and others to ask any questions about your build.

BONUS #2: 2, Monthly Live Critiques ($400 value)
Bring your website to the table and we’ll discuss, review, and provide constructive feedback.

BONUS #3: One-on-One Coaching Call ($200 value)
Complete guidance and support from me with tons of Shopify and Klaviyo experience as you walk through EVERY imaginable step needed to thrive in your business.

BONUS #4: Private Facebook Community ($500 value)
Get lifetime access to a private community of other like-minded individuals who have taken the course and have a spot where we will be able to answer questions daily.

BONUS #5: Resources Galore ($2,000 value) All the tools and resources you’ll need to build a Shopify store: templates for your theme, already customized specifically for your store. I’ve spent HUNDREDS of hours developing these tools to give you for a solid design foundation for this project.

BONUS #6: Klaviyo Training ($800 value) Because I so FIRMLY believe that Klaviyo is crucial to your success with e-commerce, I’m including the training for this program/integration as well. It’s a must-have.

What my mastermind members say:

Enrolling in Nicole's Mastermind was easily (and by far!) the BEST decision I have made for my business. Thanks to Nicole's guidance, I have successfully restructured my business, connected with new clients, learned new skills, and doubled my income - all in just three months. As an added bonus, I also earned my money back for the course before it even ended!

Brittany P.Mastermind Member

Content Covered

Just to name some…

Website Startup

Hosting, domains, SSLs… Making sure you understand the purpose of these and having exactly what you need for your business.


Store setup, customization for your brand, cart, checkout, products, collections and more. I’ll show you every option Shopify has to offer.

Landing Pages

Learn how to create beautiful landing pages with PageFly. Create waitlists, product pages, blogs, and more!


What is CRM? Where do these emails go when they subscribe? Let’s create automations to work smarter, and generate sales in your sleep!

Shipping and Fulfillment

What happens when I make a sale? How do I send it? Let’s get ShipStation integrated so you’re ready to ship like a machine!

Reoccurring Billing

Offer a subscription box? Excellent. You’ll learn how to set up your products to offer reoccurring billing for items like these.

Course Outline

What are we learning?

Course Summary

Shopify simplified is a course designed specifically to get your Shopify store up and running, with all of the extra goodies that will so nicely integrate.

Learn everything from domain purchasing, to landing pages, and customer marketing emails, and ensure they function seamlessly with your store.

Getting started
  • buying your domain
  • installing Shopify
  • store settings
  • installing theme
  • installing apps
Landing pages
  • PageFly App
  • building pages
  • creating waitlists
  • Klaviyo integration
  • email automation flows
Products galore
  • about, FAQs, contact pages
  • creating products
  • managing collections
  • variable vs. simple products
  • box products
  • styling your website
  • integrating your brand
  • navigation
  • reoccurring payment apps for subscriptions

You’re ready. Let’s do this!