Confidently Become a
Freelance Graphic Designer

Even as a new grad, without the feeling of, "Oh sh*t, where do I start? Can I pay my bills?"

Congrats, new grad!

You just spent an arm and a leg learning how to make kick-ass logos, branding guides and illustrating vector images in under 20 hours.

Now what?

You get hired for some ad agency for a mere $28k where you might be undervalued, underpaid, and overworked?


It’s time to take control of your career. It’s time to learn all of the things that they didn’t teach you in college, yet are so important, for you to have a successful career as a Graphic Design Freelancer.

Hi, I’m Nicole, and I started my freelancing business my sophomore year of college. Now, I teach others how to do the same in my Graphic Design Mastermind, so that they can escape the conventional 9 to 5, be their own boss, work when they want, from where they want, and with who they want. Oh yeah, and did I mention, you can make six figs while doing it?

Make it happen

Imagine what it'd be like to:

  • Take vacations when you want, for as long as you want
  • Experience professional growth and networking through multiple mentors and connections
  • Spend holidays with family
  • Get paid for every hour you’re on the clock (no more salary BS)
  • Travel the world and work from anywhere
  • Meet new friends who inspire you personally and professionally
  • Live debt-free and have enough money to max-out retirement savings

It’s possible. And Freelancers like me are living it.

nicole and her dog jojo

Hey There, Creative Soul. Nicole Here.

You’re an ambitious and adventurous designer, who fears burn-out in your career, so… Let’s get creative.

Hands- up if you feel like life should consist of a little more than:

  • the monotony of a typical 9-5 job
  • working overtime with little incentive or reward
  • a lifetime sentence of paying off six-fig student loans

If you are really honest with yourself, maybe you are even second guessing this career choice altogether. You love designing, but with your current salary, you are not sure if the return on investment (ROI) is worth your student loan bill. 

Not to mention, your measly accrued vacation time keeps you from really exploring all the exotic places you dream of – and the time that you DO have to yourself consists of catching up on meaningless life clutter. 

You feel like there has got to be a better way, and it’s just a matter of time before your burnt-out career becomes extinguished.

And you felt that way BEFORE COVID…

Then Corona hit, and the market tanked. Your hours were significantly reduced or maybe you were furloughed, with no real clarity on when your job (or paycheck) might resume. I feel you.

With this change, opportunity arose for designers like us. The world went digital. It went online. It sought talent virtually. This is the time to STEP UP.

I saw what having an online business did for me during this crisis. It provided a steady stream of income for myself and the people I work with. I wanted to be able to help others do the same. 

So I created this mastermind group and community. It’s full of entrepreneurial-spirited designers that want to start and grow their own online businesses and virtual freelance reputation. 

If you want freedom to work where you want and when you want, to be your own boss, and to take control of your career, you are in the right place.

Don’t worry, I made the “new business startup” mistakes over the last 13 years already. So we’ll focus on what builds your success without the trial-and-error while saving you a sh*t ton of time and investment.

Would you like to take a step in a new direction and change your life?

– Nicole

Enrollment is now open

Space is limited to only 2 more seats.

Is this right for you?

Who this course is for graphic designers who:

  • already have skills/training in Adobe Creative Suite and Graphic Design
  • have understanding and experience designing for print, web and branding
  • have a kick-ass portfolio
  • can work independently
  • understand that they need to put in the WORK to benefit the REWARDS
  • have grit, determination and positivity!
  • are ready to become their own boss and control their own destiny

This is not a skills training course, rather a course to teach you how to successfully run you own freelance business. You must have graphic design skills already to flourish here.

If this sounds like you, apply now.

Here’s what you get in the Graphic Design Mastermind

(a $4,650 Value)

When you join the Freelance Graphic Designer Mastermind Program of like-minded, entrepreneurial-spirited designers and build your own online business, you will get…

A 100% online training program. Pre-recorded modules, with lessons that walk you through step-by-step how to start and grow a virtual freelance graphic design business.

BONUS #1: 3, Monthly Live Q & As ($600 value)
Tune-in live, once a month, with other mastermind designers building their businesses to ask questions, critique, and bounce ideas off of each other.

BONUS #2: Bi-weekly Live Critiques ($400 value)
Every two weeks, bring your projects to the table and we’ll discuss, review, and provide constructive feedback.

BONUS #3: 3, Monthly One-on-One Coaching Calls ($900 value)
Complete guidance and support from a real person with tons of freelance experience as you walk through EVERY imaginable step needed to thrive in your business.

BONUS #4: Private Facebook Community ($250 value)
Get access to a private community of other like-minded individuals who have taken the course and have a spot where we will be able to answer questions daily.

BONUS #5: Resources Galore ($500 value) All the tools and resources you’ll need to build a successful design business: templates for proposals, website theme templates, and more! I’ve spent hundreds of hours developing these tools to give you for a solid design foundation for these big projects.

What my mastermind members say:

Enrolling in Nicole's Mastermind was easily (and by far!) the BEST decision I have made for my freelance business. Thanks to Nicole's guidance, I have successfully restructured my business, connected with new clients, learned new skills, and doubled my income - all in just three months. As an added bonus, I also earned my money back for the course before it even ended!

Brittany P.Mastermind Member

Content Covered

Just to name some…


Design, hosting, domains, SSLs… WordPress? Shopify? Wix? Squarespace? We’ll cover the pros and cons of each and how to pitch them to your clients.

Branding and Logos

Discover how to create branding deliverables and upsell your services incorporate web, print and other projects beyond branding.

Print Services

We’ll explore how you can offer printing services that will open more opportunities for design projects, as well as more income.


How much should I charge? How much should I save? What do I need to set aside for taxes? What should I quote for a project? We’ll cover all of these questions when we talk finances.

Self-Employment Knowledge

How do I get health insurance? Where should I bank for my business? What’s a DBA? Am I an LLC or a Sole Proprietorship? Lots of questions, easy answers.

Getting Clients

100% of my business is referral-based. I do not post ads. My clients find me. We’ll make you successful with your work and reputation. You’ll only work with the clients you LIKE.

Are you ready? Let’s FU*&ing go!